Set up in India, Tamil Nadu and UK in the year 2015, Chilli and Pepper RestoBAR is the pioneer in bringing the nourishment of the celebrated Southern Tamils to the individuals world around. Throughout the long term they dominated the specialty of utilizing zest to give one's taste buds the best food experience. Presently we are opening our New Outlet in Singapore with it's definitive Authentic kind in Southern Tamil's Favorite Dishes in new time style and flavors.

Our Speciality like Banana Leaf Parota, Chicken and Mutton Curry with Thanjavur Style, all the hand picked vegetables with assortment of Non-Vegetarian Side dishes which are notable for our interesting taste and flavors in the field of eateries.

With over 5 years of involvement and 5 sources to date, Chilli and Pepper RestoBAR is spreading its wings to give clients a simple feasting experience. The newness of its items and the utilization of mystery home around plans get the food sweethearts search of those extraordinary dishes that can be discovered distinctly at Chilli and Pepper RestoBAR.

Chilli and Pepper RestoBAR's modest beginnings began in India and UK over 5 years back contribution the India and UK some normal Southern Tamils food. As time passed, Chilli and Pepper RestoBAR became equivalent for Southern Tamils Cuisine. Individuals' interest as driven us to take this experience abroad. Chilli and Pepper RestoBAR has been obliging the progressions of time by expanding their norms to provide food the consistently developing necessities of the present taste trackers. Also, presently Chilli and Pepper RestoBAR Restaurants have protected the culinary conventions and filled in as one of the most remarkable Ambassadors of Southern Tamils Cuisine.